Let’s dance

The Samba! Because I love me some Samba.

I hate Windows Networking – it’s so clumsy. The Samba folks have done an admirable job shining a turd to a high sheen but …

No need to go there. I hate copying things to the Virtualbox shared folder too and I was doing a lot of that. One way: make a change in linux, copy to Windows, test. Now the Windows issues are deep enough and I’ve learned just enough Windows to be dangerous that I want to make code changes in Windows, try it. I’ll probably end up installing MinGW and RubyInstaller so I might as well document it. I’ll want to install vi too but I’ll delay that until the bare bones are set up.

My Linux Oracle VirtualBox has the ability to set (export) a linux directory as a CIFS share. For me that is ~/Projects which is E: in my Windows 7 VM. I removed the shared folder option in VirtualBox settings. It may take a couple of restarts of the Win 7 VM to get it hunky dory. I believe Virtualbox has it’s own Samba server which may conflict with any other samba you might have running. Or not,

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