What’s New with 3.2.17?

Shoes 3.2.17 is available in the downloads directory. Important bug fixes for Windows and OSX and Windows gets a feature or two.

Bugs Fixed

  1. OSX: fixes the disappearing text in a edit_line.
  2. All: packaging a directory works.
  3. Windows: Shoes/Windows can package for Windows.

New Windows Features (h/t Ian T, aka Backorder who helped a lot getting these features working)

  1. A new installer which adds a working uninstall menu item, a desktop icon link and is generally ‘not evil’ and is current with modern versions of NSIS practices’ unlike the five year old installer.
  2. Doesn’t use the shoes.bat file. It’s gone. Just invoke shoes.exe
  3. Shoes is installed (default) in “Program Files (x86)” but not in the “Common Files”
  4. The Shoes installation directory is added to Path environment variable so command line jockey’s can just type shoes.exe my-script-to-run.rb
  5. You may find Install and uninstall to be a little faster and a bit more informative.

A special “shout out” to the bug reporters. Don’t assume anyone is going to fix a bug if you don’t report it.

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