Ian Trudel

Ian Trudel has been contributing a lot to Shoes 3.2 in the last month or two. Damn near all the Windows improvements in Shoes 3.2 are his direct contribution or his coaching me or insisting that I just don’t know enough about what I want to do. He’s almost always correct. If you need a multi-lingual, smart person on your project, check that LinkedIn link.

I think the next release 3.2.18, will please the more knowledgeable Windows developers and users. Who doesn’t aspire to be knowledgeable? There’s some bug fixes ahead and some fixes to problems you might not have seen yet or cared enough about to report them. Details that matter to me and to Ian.

Remember, Shoes 3.2 is only a maintenance release. Just cleaning up the old bugs and mis-features with an occasional helping of something new.

I doubt my app specific installer features will make it into 3.2.18. It works but it’s very incomplete and bugs get to the front of line. So report your bugs.

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