What’s new with Shoes 3.2.18

Windows user should pay attention. In no particular order,

  1. The windows install now has two exe’s. shoes.exe and cshoes.exe. Shoes.exe is the one you all know. cshoes.exe is used on the command line which means windows users get all the command line love that Linux and OSX folk are used to. Like cshoes.exe -h and cshoes --ruby non-gui-script.rb
  2. Advanced: It’s possible to drive the packager with a script instead of button clicks by using the shoes –ruby or cshoes –ruby. Not documented. Read the code in app_package.rb and packshoes.rb
  3. Shoes.app :resizable => false now works for Windows and works more correctly for Linux. OSX didn’t have the bug.
  4. When a packaged app (script or shy’d up directory) is run on the downloading user’s system, the temp file created to hold it is deleted when Shoes exits.
  5. On Windows, the .shoes directory has moved to AppData – see below.
  6. Windows uses Ruby 2.1.4. No big deal since Shoes really doesn’t care. Yes, 2.1.5 is current but I can’t do everything at once.

The AppData usage could be a big change for some Windows users. I’ll try to explain in my clueless manner. When I log in to Windows 7, my HOME directory is C:\Users\Cecil of course yours will be different. Shoes needs someplace to put things like download gems, the image cache and temp files. Well behaved Windows applications put that kind of stuff in AppData (ex: C:\users\Cecil\AppData) and well behaved Linux apps and OSX apps store stuff in ~/.something. Shoes is now well behaved.

On Windows, you can’t see AppData from the File Explorer without a dead chicken and chanting a secret incantation. Google “show AppData” for instructions. Most people don’t need to peek in there but you might want to, and you probably should at least once or twice if you’ve been running Shows on Windows for a while. Inside AppData is Local. Click into there. Shoes 3.2.18 will create it’s ‘Shoes’ folder in Local. Inside Local is Temp and Shoes may have left all kinds of use space wasting stuff in Temp. You ought to clean that up. The Shoes Droppings will be apparent just by reading the folder or filenames. Move them to the wastebasket and empty. If any of them are in use at the moment Windows won’t let you delete them. Hopefully, Shoes will no longer leave it’s trash behind.

Windows users who have installed new gems with Shoes: After you install 3.2.18, you might want to drag the contents of \Users\you\.shoes to AppData\Local\Shoes and delete .shoes Or reinstall the Gems or both.

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