NSIS bugfix in Ubuntu

One fix in the upcoming Shoes 3.2.19 was to rebuild my copy of NSIS with some patches and use it for packaging Windows .exe’s. It’s the long string bug (H/T Ian Trudel).

This does not affect packaging for or with Shoes.

That also means a patched up NSIS is a prerequisite for anybody building Shoes from source and if they want to build and distribute Shoes for Windows. Fortunately for me, I was able to find a way to do the NSIS build on Ubuntu (14.04). It’s pretty easy. Don’t use their ‘dpkg -‘ instructions though. Because you have to sudo and deb names mav have changed. The other thing I needed to do was to prevent Ubuntu from replacing my version with the old one during a software update. Net wisdom suggests a ‘hold’ is the way to go. We’ll see. I locked the packages in Synaptic and then decided to lock them with aptitude. sudo apt-mark hold nsis sudo apt-mark hold nsis-common

This will bite me some time in the future. Almost guaranteed. I’ll install a new linux instead of Updating or Ubuntu will do something and I’ll never know until the bug is reported again. Why? Because my path setting in Windows will never get large enough.

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