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Apologies for being so quiet here. I’ve very busy working on the Shoes plumbing. Many of you may not care about such things, but I do and plumbing has a higher priority than ‘fancy new stuff I dreamed up’.

I’ve been helping Ian build Shoes 3.2 for OSX 10.6. Its working for him on 10.6 and I can run it but I can’t build a 10.6 from my 10.9 system and until I can, it’s in Limbo land for 10.6. I have much to learn about OSX and so far the solutions aren’t as simple as some folks believe. I may have uncovered a Shoes/OSX bug with SSL that no one knew about.

I’ve also decided that I need to convert my github fork into a new github organization (a new project for most of you). That would have a new and separate bug reporter and new wiki. That’s a pain in the behind for me and anybody with a clone of my repo but that’s the nature of open source. I’ll have to create new bug reports for anything in the old system that is still a bug. That alone will take a fair amount of my time. And then moving and rewriting the wiki articles.

I started my maintenance efforts for Shoes 3.2 some 53 weeks ago in my haphazard way. I fixed some show stopping problems in Red Shoes, brought up to speed with current Ruby and gems versions and fixed some very vexing issues on Windows (thanks Ian), got it working again on OSX (it was broken there even though it appeared to work). I tossed in some Linux enhancements and I restored packaging and untied it from a fixed Shoes location to download from.

Now, it’s time for me to accept the rest of the task for getting Shoes 3 running again == A Fork. No, not a git fork, a project fork. I suspect the Shoes 4 folks will cheer so I don’t see this as a fractious thing. It’s still just Shoes C/MRI (Red Shoes).

Shoes 3.2 has it own bug reporter/issues! And tags! And a team member!

Some folks won’t take you seriously until you ‘Git’re right’. That’s another reason to work on the github plumbing.

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