Less snark ahead? 3.2.19 is availabe.

I’ve updated the What is Federales? page because people do read that and it was seriously out of date and my casual snarky attitude may have offended sensitive people. (I just did it again, didn’t I?)

Now that Shoes 3.2 is a serious project, I have new responsibilities to be more professional.

If you believe that, my skills at communication have mesmerized you. Or maybe I’m just working on the plumbing. I am proud of what I’ve done in the last year (special Hat Tip to Ian Trudel)

Since you are used to disappointment, I’ll release 3.2.19 in without my not so secret advanced default packaging options. Just one bug fixed in 3.2.19 – the NSIS installer bug –if your Windows PATH is larger than 1024 bytes, it matters. Is that a sign of maturity in me or in Shoes 3.2?

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