Twelve Days of Christmas

Thats been how long since the last post. Sorry. We have been busy on Shoes 3.2 but it’s not glamorous or newsworthy like fixing Shoesbugs or adding features to Shoes. Just working on the OSX infrastructure that only Shoes developers would care about. Edited some wiki pages to be less out of date. Re-factored some rake files (for OSX). Plumbing and wiring. Maintenance for a Maintenance Release.

We’re still working on getting Shoes 3.2 built properly (my definition of properly) for OSX 10.6

2 thoughts on “Twelve Days of Christmas

  1. Luka

    There is something I’d like to suggest in a new version of federales. I’d like it if it had one more option when shoes are started, something like test-mode which would open a new window from where you will start your app. That window will stay opened so you can check your progress with one click. It should be easy to get done, windows like this would open when you click ‘test-mode’ in the main menu of shoes. do
    button “Test” do
    load @app

    I hope that you understand what I mean and if it’s not big bother to you, it’d be tiny change but handy.


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