January 2015 Status Report.

I like to write status reports because it reminds me of what’s been done. Although it’s quiet here at the blog, We have been busy and you know what? I really like where Shoes is. Ian’s filing bug reports for everything he doesn’t like and fixing a couple bugs in the process, all the while making sure I don’t screw up. Invaluable stuff!

I’ve been doing more admin stuff than coding. (re)Writing some wiki stuff and trying to improve building from source. It’s still hard to build 3.2 from source but it’s less confusing than it used to be. Just in case some other developers would like to join us. Those changes were long overdue. There is still much to do.

Want a tease for 3.2.20? Of course you do. We’ve fixed some annoyances you might have glossed over as no big deal or never noticed. We’ve add a few little features that you might not notice if no one told you about them. Then you’ll say “I always wanted that!”
Would you like to spot what’s new without a written hint? One and Two

3.2.20 is maturing. We are a functioning project and we’re taking care of business. I am really happy about that. Really happy.

The Shoes4 teams has a pre-release 3 out. Give it a spin. They’ve been busy too.

One last thing:

We have the ability to to build Shoes 3.2 for OSX 10.6 (that runs on 10.6+ (Intel) but it’s not an easy build for me and it’s missing the sqlite3 gem at the moment, so it’s not really mainstream. It may never be mainstream. But, it exists and if your stuck in Snow Leopard but want to use Shoes, leave a comment.

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