Shoes 3.2.20

Available here and which will get you to the same place. Just minor bug fixes, you say? Let me convince you why it’s worthy of a release number.
Reported Bugs:

  • fixes bug #13 – clipboard doesn’t work on Windows and Linux.
  • fixes #27 – Manual: Move focus to search box

Unreported Bugs:

  • remove simple-video from samples
  • In manual, State that video widgets are not available
  • remove files left over from debugging and development

Well that’s all lovely and boring. Let me show what one person (Ian) can do when you fix a bug (#13)
New features:

  • fixes #15 Clipboard support in the console
  • Add “Copy This” button for code snippets in the Manual


How many times have you wished for a way to copy those error messages into an email or couldn’t be bothered with a screen shot and image upload and finding a site to hold the image and then registering at the site and then you just gave up reporting the bug? Somebody else will report it. Right?

I don’t know about you, but it’s many, many times for me. No longer! You can report your console error messages as text strings. Just “Copy” to the clipboard and paste into your email or browser window.

Then Ian added the Save button so you can copy the console text to a file. Nifty for those that like to keep longer term copies of things.

But wait, If you order now…


Ian then added a “Copy This” to all the Manual’s “Run This” code snippets, which as you might guess – copies the text (not the image) to the clipboard so you can paste them into a text editor where you can save as a file of your own and run it from the command line or splash screen. Modify them to see what happens. It’s your file now! Explore, try things. The original snippet is still in the manual and you can use the “Copy This” button again if you need to start over.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a very good Shoes programmer and I often go to the manual to see what is supposed to work. All to often, I’ve retyped the snippets and because I’m not that good at typing or proof reading, I screw that up.

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