I’ve been busy on Shoes. Ian’s been busy on Shoes. We have added to the stack of bug reports but there was also time to add some neat stuff for the next release. We’ve improved the Shoes console. Ian really went to town on the code to display the manual. It acts more like a web browser – it’s got forward and back buttons! The manual responds to some common keystrokes like forward and back keys. The manual is really a joy to use now.

So much joy that we noticed it was missing some things and incorrect in some places (because the documentation always lags behind). We fixed some of that.

Then Ian thought the irb sample could be a really useful tool for Shoes folks if it had a few additions to be more like the real Ruby irb. Absolutely Brilliant and Fiendish. You didn’t know you want that. You do.

And we’ll have a new splash screen. Because we’re wild and crazy guys.

We might even fix a bug or two.

4 thoughts on “smiles!

  1. BackOrder


    Is this bug filed on the issue tracker? If not, please, file it with a sample code attached. Also, you will like the upcoming version, it comes with IRB which may allow you to do something like you wanted with multiple invocations.



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