In case of dangerous fumes

Shoes 3.2 doesn’t stink. Actually it works pretty up and walking good (an
American folk/country music phrase) It’s out of intensive care. The surgery was successful and Shoes 3.2 walks and talks.

Perhaps you find that overly dramatic. I’ll explain. I’ve sent or watched loved ones go into hospital. A few got out. I’ve been in the hospital and when the anesthesia mask settled onto my face, I thought I’ll wouldn’t know if I died on the table. And then I woke up and I wasn’t dead. The nice nurses insisted I remained hooked up to some sort of perverse leg warmers that “massage” my legs to reduce the chance of post-operative blot clots and strokes. Devil devices. The big test is when you can get your ass to the toilet by your self and take a shit. Do that and and staff starts looking at you like a house guest that has over stayed their welcome. If this hasn’t happened to you or a loved one yet, it will.

So, I went home and with some help from the neighbors, I fired up the smoker and produced 8lbs of pulled pork to share with them. I was alive, I was home, I have a smoker (Weber Smokey Mountain). That was “being alive again” for me. Sharing my Q skills, for better or worse.

What’s the connection to Shoes? Well, I was still physically weak and I’ll get tested for cancer in 1 month, and then two and 3 and 6 and 12 months. What could I do to share? Something I’m good at that other people might care about. Shoes! I can fix Shoes so it runs on a Raspberry Pi. That worked so well that I tried Windows/gtk and superficially, that worked too. I was still alive and the cancer tests kept coming back negative. I bought a Mac Mini just to build Shoes. That worked too and folks started to pay attentions. Some left words of encouragements. A very skillful person offered to help (Thanks Ian) and we’ve (notice the change from singular to plural) really beating down the bugs, adding features and making Shoes better. With some bickering between us on the best way forward.

There is nothing but shyness that keeps you from joining the 3.2 community. I used to be shy. I’m still a dumb shit. File a bug report. Or a feature request, even if you think it’s an idea only you care about. Some really great ideas come from simple requests. get a free github account and tell us what needs to be done or ask a question.

Without you’re help, we’ll just do what we think you want and we’ll do it wrong or never because no one told us what they wanted.

1 thought on “In case of dangerous fumes

  1. BackOrder

    Please, friends of Shoes, get involved. Cecil and I need your help. Every bit makes a difference from feedback to fixing and improving, everything is a good contribution. Help us to keep Shoes 3.2 alive.

    Smoker? Have some beef or fish and you can count me in. 🙂



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