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Shoes 3.2.21 is available

Finally! Shoes 3.2.21 is available (Download) More than any previous Shoes 3.2 release, this one is very much a team effort and includes a lot more code and fixes by skilled people and less cowboy from me. I think you’ll like it. Here’s whats new in 3.2.21



You might have noticed a theme to 3.2.21 – The manual and improving the experience of using Shoes to write little applications and play with Ruby. Even experienced Shoes folk use the manual. Now it’s much more pleasant to use. We also have some interesting ideas how to improve the experience even more but it’s too soon to say anything more.

Now I want to talk about old critters. Like a 15 year old family dog, you know they won’t live forever and there is nothing you can do about that. Operating systems are like that. Apple is not going to fix Snowleopard (10.6). Microsoft is not going to fix XP. This not news. Ruby folks won’t talk to you if your using 1.9.2 (soon 1.9.3). Shoes can’t change any of that. OK, your old dog might like an old shoe to chew on but you get the point.

We have made an effort to get Shoes working on OSX 10.6 and it does work. But, it will always be a dying Shoes. Every hour spent on these old critters is an hour not spent on the future. Grab it knowing that it’s life time is short. Likewise, Shoes 3.2.21 does run on Windows XP but that’s just luck.

How do you know you have Shoes 3.21 or newer?

Steady as she goes

We’re still working! You might not know it, but we are working towards a 3.2.21 release sort of soon. We’re fixing bugs you might not have seen or bothered to report. The new Console and Manual are just about done. Sadly, I also have to report that we (being developers) are fixing things that developers care about. For instance, we can now build Shoes for Windows on Windows. Previously you had to build Shoes 3.2 for Windows on Linux. We even found a weird bug with RubyInstaller and XP that has little to do with Shoes.

Why are we dealing with XP or Snow Leopord? That’s a good question. I happen to think they are dead platforms and getting deader by the day. People should buy new hardware. I can say that because I don’t have old hardware and my software is current.

There’s also a very persuasive argument that Shoes 3 used to run on XP and Snow Leopard and it could again if some effort was put to the task. If Shoes is about teaching and beginning programmers, then we should support the hand-me-down machines that kids and schools own. It’s good argument. So we did put some attention to it. They may be old and dying dogs but they still want to hunt and they deserve our love for what they are.

If you’ve dealt with developers before they are more like cats than dogs. They explore when they get out of the house and they’ll come home when they feel like it – sometimes with a dead mouse at your feet to show their admiration for your skills with the electric can opener.

We try to balance them in each Shoes 3.2 release – some bug fixes for the faithful old dog, plus a little bit of cat exploration (new features). You decide if the dead mouse if better than a live mouse.