Shoes on the new Raspberry pi 2

Time to write something to let every know that we’re still alive and working on the next release. What’s in the next release? So far, nothing most of you would see. Under the covers I’ve one a lot of work cleaning up the build process. It’s better now but it was low hurdle. Yet it needed to be done because it won’t fix itself.

There’s also some Windows issues most of you wouldn’t bother to file bug reports on that are really symptoms of my half assed port to Windows/Gtk2. a Brilliant Idea but not really finished properly. I decided to build a set of Shoes/Windows dependencies from source rather than relying on 5 year old pre-compiled dll’s. Some of them are a little long in the tooth and one of them (expat) is not maintained but has a replacement (libxml) we don’t use. Many of them have had minor features added and bug fixes in the those 5 years. Like I said early, some Windows bugs need fixing. Upgrading the dependencies to what we use in Linux and OSX (or even more current). We also learn how Windows/GTK was put together back then and how to do it know. Important information we will need in the future.

As the headline noted, the current version of Shoes runs just fine on the new Raspberry 2. It is faster. The hackety hack opening screen animations still say “fix this” to me but after that it’s a very pleasant platform and Shoes runs fine. I haven’t had time to see if I can build a new version of Shoes that makes use of the new cpu (a Ruby issue, not Shoes).

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