Shoes 3.2.22 released

Shoes 3.2.22 has been released. Download from the normal place

As always with Shoes 3.2 we added some new stuff and we fixed some bugs. Some of the changes below took a long time to accomplish, but we did it and we think you’ll like it.

New with 3.2.22

  • Discovered a Slider widget (Shoes element) that no one documented. Bug report
  • Documented image effects. Cool stuff that was mostly unknown. Bug report
  • Added (minimal) documentation for fullscreen, set_window_title, set_window_icon_path for special situations.
  • Enabled Gtk2 theme engine on Windows. Better looking UI. Can be changed by a knowledable user. Bug report
  • The Ruby gdbm gem included with Shoes doesn’t have ancient gdbm compatabibility It’s a feature you probably don’t care about. Bug report
  • alert, ask, confirm dialogs can change the “Shoes says” and “Shoes asks”
    title string to a user given string (or default) or to none at all.Bug report

Bugs fixed in 3.2.22

  • Fixed a crash in samples/simple-sphere.rb when running on 64 bit systems. Bug report
  • OSX: edit_lines would screw up the appearance of later elements. Bug report
  • Windows: Cleaned up many font problems and console warnings. Bugs: here, here and here.
  • OSX: Radio Buttons (and groups of) now work. Bug report.

Developer improvements in 3.2.22

  • create VERSION.txt like Shoes used to do. Bug report
  • add git based release numbers. Bug report.
  • continue cleanup of rakefiles. Many consistency fixes. Added ability to configure some builds with a xxxx-custom.yaml that won’t be overwritten with a git fetch or pull. Bug report and wiki article.
  • built newer dependencies for Windows. Wiki article..

Enjoy! And post your bugs here because we can’t fix what you want if we don’t know what you want.

It’s getting easier and easier to be a Shoes maintainer so consider joining us. If you need the binary dependencies for Windows, that’s Hardcore folks might want the source code and configure scripts to do it them selves. Provided. Desperate for osx 10.6 compatible libraries? Here they are.

4 thoughts on “Shoes 3.2.22 released

  1. Luka

    I love the changes that have been made, cool improvements and pretty useful too, only that new gtk2 engine seems not to support non-standard characters so that’s an issue for me.

  2. ccoupe Post author

    Luka, you may need to change the default font setting. The file to edit is c:\Program Files (x86)\Shoes\etc\gtk-2.0\gtkrc just replace “Sans 10” with you’re font choice and size. You can also rename the gtkrc file to something else and Shoes will go back to the older look.

    1. Luka

      I did what you said, tried to replace font name and to replace/rename/remove gtkrc file and nothing really happened.


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