Windows: 3.2.22 problems with fonts

Before you install a new version of Shoes on your Windows machine, always un-install the old Shoes.

Of course that belated wisdom doesn’t help you now. Shoes 3.2.22 has moved where the fonts.conf file lives but the older value may be stuck in your environment variable settings. Yes, it’s a failure on our part and sadly we can’t fix it for you (yet) so you need to fix it.

It’s possible to have multiple path names in an environment variable, separated by a semi-colon ‘;’. The PATH env var always has multiples. In the case of the FONTCONFIG_FILE env variable, Shoes only uses the first path but when Shoes is installed it doesn’t over write an existing setting, it appends to an existing setting and that won’t actually be used so font’s can get pretty screwed up.

These instructions for changing environment variables are a good place to start but pay attention! We don’t want to modify PATH, we want to modify FONTCONFIG_FILE. We want to delete everything up to the last path with the \etc\fonts\fonts.conf inside – make sure to delete the ‘;’

Since it’s Windows, you should probably reboot and re-check that the FONTCONFIG_FILE is what you set it to.


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