You wouldn’t know it from the lack of posts here but things are happening. Improving stuff. Fixing bugs that are reported, adding a requested feature and sometimes doing something that we might be useful in the future.

Some days, I wake up and hope no one has complained. I used to manage sys admins and is never got a problem free day down there. If it was quiet, we’d invented a problem to solve. Then I think about how Shoes bug reports get acknowledged in a timely manner and often fixed more quickly than folks expect. Then I feel good and thankful for all the help the bug reporters and the bug fixer do.

It’s not always easy to sex up a Maintenance Release but I try. Shoes 3.2.23 will have some bug fixes, some requested features that were asked for and some that weren’t ask for. Because that how things work and I’m pretty happy I can be part of it.

Thank you all!

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