Monthly Archives: May 2015

Still making Gems and Shoes better friends

This is online html book for Ruby on Windows. I wish I had read it sooner. It’s also useful for Shoes folks that want to up their game and learn a more about Ruby on Windows. The description of RubyInstaller and Devkit answered several question and do believe I can fix a Shoes bug with the info. I didn’t read the Rails stuff so I can’t comment on that.

I also like the Atom text editor for OSX and Windows. I’m not ready to give up on Geany on Linux yet, but I could.


Byebug is a Ruby debugger and it works on Shoes if it’s launched from the terminal (Linux, Windows) and if you can compile the gem and if your do the require 'byebug' and insert the byebug command into a shoes script where you want debugging to start. Obviously, not integrated into Shoes but if It could be taught to use the Shoes-IRB console that might be very interesting. No promises.

3.2.23 beta but not really

I’ve been swimming in the deep waters as has contributer @passenger. Laying the ground work for a better future.

No, really we are. It’s also spring time and outside calls. The potatoes in the garden look good for this early. I’ve been looking for a new car – an endeavor that gear heads take very seriously.

Still, I did managed to come up with a scheme to handle gems better but that’s a developer improvement you say?! On the other hand I’ve got nokogiri built in to Shoes 3.2.23 instead of hpricot. That turned to be a huge effort. On the other hand, if the gem can be built by Ruby (all platforms) , it can be included into a Shoes build, if you build Shoes from source. It’s not difficult one you know what to do which turns out to be ‘a wee bit tricky’. Anyway, that’s in the Shoes 3.2.23 bets Plus some bug fixes and tweaks.

At the moment, you can’t package your Shoes app with platform dependent binary (‘C‘) gems. I have a cunning plan.