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Shoes 3.2.23 – Finally!

We are pleased to announce that Shoes 3.2.23 is available for download.

IMPORTANT: The Hpricot gem has been replaced with Nokogiri. This breaks existing scripts that use Hpricot. See samples/expert-funnies for some quick fixes that you will need for your hpricot using scripts. Shoes 4 also uses nokogiri so this change was overdue in Shoes 3.2.

Slightly important: Nokogiri adds a lot to the download size of Shoes (everything is 12MB to 16MB now).

New with 3.2.23

  1. snapshot works like image – it collects image effects and writes them to a file (pdf, svg or ps). Search the manual for ‘snapshot’.
  2. undocumented skew method on images Use manual search for ‘skew’
  3. Cobbler gets a couple of new buttons to show the manual or splash.
  4. Windows: cmd line user packaged app can have a console window.
  5. Changes to gems – nokogiri replaces ‘hpricot’
  6. Ruby updated to 2.1.6
  7. Ruby gems updated to 2.4.7
  8. byebug gem is included for debugging Ruby/Shoes scripts and .shy. Please read the wiki article You also want to read the byebug manual to see what you can do. Setting breakpoints in Ruby, step in or step over. examine variables.

Fixed with 3.2.23

  1. Click event not working when a scroll bar is scrolled down
  2. Scrolling with mousewheel on a scrollbar within a stack is not working
  3. Borders are always at 1 pixel offset in containing slot
  4. radio button, unusual behaviour
  5. scroll wheel speed
  6. Alert placed in the position of first opened window For Windows and Linux. Not fixed for OSX.

Building Shoes

  1. platform specific extconf.rb files for hpricot, sqlite3, ftsearch, chipmunk
  2. add PackShoes.make_shy method and wiki article
  3. separate compiling gems (mostly of a Ruby thing) and copying gems which is what Shoes does now. Lots of changes to rakefiles.
  4. Command line folks can create platfrom specific pre-compiled binary gems that Cobbler can load into ~/+gems.

I want to acknowledge the code contributions of Christian and Ian and the willingness of bug reporters Luka, David, Kevin, and others who have reported bugs and helped us fix and test them. Believe me, they are keeping Shoes 3.2 alive and as you can see from the above list, better than ever. Thank you.

Still around

Although nothing has been posted here in the last few weeks, we are working on Shoes. We’re working on difficult stuff. @passenger has (mostly?) completed the changes to use GTK3 for Linux. I’ve spend a lot of time trying to fit byebug and a new console window into how Shoes works. OSX is the problem child.

And I bought a new car and needed to take a road trip to tear up the asphalt on two lane roads.