Shoes 3.2.24 is available.

Available at the usual places
New with 3.2.24 or here (same place)

  1. Added show_console command for OSX and Linux to match Windows.
    Dumber that dumb console. Works with readline if you don’t expect too
    much. Although -w and –console switches do work on the command line
    you probably don’t need them now that you can call Shoes::show_console
    Issue #127
  2. OSX: new cshoes script for using Shoes from the command line.
    Fixes some annoyances.
    Issue #17
    wiki: Command line for OSX

Fixed with 3.2.24

  1. Restore old behavior with ask/alert/confirm auto converting to string
    Issue 111
  2. OSX: Fix issue #08 (again)
  3. OSX issue #20, 137 – command line incomplete, multiple apps
  4. dialog works better
    Issue #119
    Issue #136
  5. OSX: ask() dialog gets an icon like alert() and confirm()
    Issue #138
  6. Windows: can now find the correct timezone for
    Issue #123
  7. Windows packaging bug
    Issue #128

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