SQL and Ruby

I’m probably not the right person to talk about this, I hate SQL for many reasons. I hate it even more when I have I have to do things like this:

sql = "insert into users (ip, cat, reqdate, path)\
values (\"#{ip}\",\"#{cat}\",#{dt},\"#{path}\"\

Escape anything that might be numeric unless it’s a datetime. Ugly. Would ActiveRecord hide that if only I would learn to accept it’s beauty. I’m not a fan of that ‘do it this way’ baggage either.

Griping and future sql syntax errors in the future aside, soon I’ll be able to analyze the logs files in a way that MIGHT be useful. Then I can get back to working on Shoes and the stuff you might care about.

For example can this be integrated with the new shoes console window? But first, I have to write some SQL in Ruby.

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