Warning to (Germany?)

Update 2015-08-29
Never mind. I was too eager to find problems to fix. That IP did a download if needed packaged app (a test?) since I wrote the below text. That has a very distinctive pattern in the http logs that I don’t yet capture in my automated log analysis. How to go from zero to hero overnight.

You are downloading shoes.exe with your Ruby script when nothing has changed and you’re banging on the pkg.rb script many times per day for no purpose. That’s annoying. I may block you soon if you don’t respect the robots.txt. You’re not the worst I’ve seen but just the one I found first. Respect the robot.txt. OK? Perhaps you could download it before crawling.

For everyone else tuning in, clearly, I now have the ability now to process apache combined logs and identify “problems” (my definition of problem) and is far from the worst. It got a free pass because it’s Ruby.

There are many fish to fry.

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