Monthly Archives: September 2015

Shoes 3.2.25

It’s available. Nothing really important to most of you.

New with 3.2.25

Fixed with 3.2.25

  • documented app.slot().
    issue 44
    wiki article
  • really remove shy temp file remnants on Windows

Infrastructure for 3.2.25

What is not mentioned above is this will be the last 3.2.x release. Don’t worry – we are going to create to a Shoes 3.3 because this is as far as I can go with a “maintenance release”. Most of you won’t even notice. And that is is as it should be.

New Mailing List

There is a new Shoes email mailing list you can join since the old one seems to be tits-up, pining for the fjords, deceased, unresponsive and generally speaking, not alive. Please join the new list. Talk about what ever Shoes related thing you want. Shoes 3.2 or Shoes 4

I’m not going to try to convert old subscribers or old archives. Diminishing returns and … It does run on my host (that I pay for because free doesn’t always work). Free to you. Since I pay for it runs by my rules. Rules: I hate spam, spoofers, sock puppets and trolls. I don’t expect any of that, but just in case know that it’s my rules and I’m pretty liberal in a free speech sort of way.

And then there were forums

This really doesn’t have much to do with the next version of Shoes 3.2 or Ruby but since I’ve been working on processing http logs and website things, I might as well fix some things on this website that have been on the back burner.

Notice the menu bar at the top of this page. Forums! Under that there is only one forum and it is just a test forum which I invite you to create throw away comments. Create new topics, reply to another topic or your own. I’d like feedback. Does it work? Would you use it? What needs to be changed?

That was a less than successful experiment.

Heavy hand

After all that SQL bullsh*t to process the http log files I decided to just block all of China in my htaccess at the download site. Report your problems with that choice here or at the github

FWIW I got the block list from here. Is that the best list? Do I care?

I did create a new github repo with to hold the Ruby/Sql scrits I’m using to process the Apache (Combined) log files. It’s a decent example of the escape hell that SQL from Ruby creates. There’s tutorial value there but I’m unlikely to write that tutorial or adapt it to Windows