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There is a new Shoes email mailing list you can join since the old one seems to be tits-up, pining for the fjords, deceased, unresponsive and generally speaking, not alive. Please join the new list. Talk about what ever Shoes related thing you want. Shoes 3.2 or Shoes 4

I’m not going to try to convert old subscribers or old archives. Diminishing returns and … It does run on my host (that I pay for because free doesn’t always work). Free to you. Since I pay for it runs by my rules. Rules: I hate spam, spoofers, sock puppets and trolls. I don’t expect any of that, but just in case know that it’s my rules and I’m pretty liberal in a free speech sort of way.

4 thoughts on “New Mailing List

  1. Dale

    How do I get the rss feed of the new list. Will the entries in the new list flow to my current rss subscription (where I saw this article) or is there a new feed I need to subscribe to?

    Thank you! đŸ™‚

    1. ccoupe Post author


      The mailing list does not have rss feed. I’m not aware of any that do. You subscribe to the mailing list, get messages in your email inbox, reply if you like or ignore it. Some folks just silently lurk in the background and never send a reply or ask a question. It’s a great way to ask questions like “How do I do this in Shoes” or “I’d like to see the feature” or just see what other Shoes people are doing and talking about”.

  2. Cecil Coupe

    Dale, That is indeed the rss/atom feed of the THIS blog. It is not the feed of the Mailing list. – the mailing list does not have one. I see you just subscribed to the ML. Thanks.


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