What’s in Walkabout (Shoes 3.3)?

In truth, for many Shoes users, nothing all that exciting. We’ll fix some some bugs of course (if they get reported). We’re not going to support GTK2 – we’ll only use GTK3 for Linux and Windows. That allows us some flexibility in the future. We’re going to support Ruby 2.2.x and 2.3.x which is not as easy as we hoped. Both of those mean we need to make some major changes to the C and Objective C code otherwise the ball of spaghetti just gets larger and larger and even harder to understand.

Just as Gtk and Ruby change underneath us, Shoes 3.3 is going to be less compatible with Shoes 2 and 3.1 and probably Shoes 4. Still easy to install, still easy to play with, still easy to package up a script. Mostly compatible, sort of. But we’re going to add some features that will get “professional” developers a little more excited about Shoes as a “platform”. We’ve also got some fun ideas & demos of what a better Shoes “platform” could deliver and how developers could “leverage” the MRI Ruby in Shoes 3.3.

Have you gagged down enough Corporate Speak yet? I have, but some folks consider it useful or even important and it’s not all nonsense. Shoes 3.2 was all about getting 3.1 working again, fixing the egregious bugs. We tossed in some interesting new features along the way. A Maintenance Release.

For Walkabout, we’re going to build on that (leverage) and create something a little more useful for “real” applications. It’s going to be fun.

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