All hat – not much Shoes

That’s what happens when you package a script with your custom Windows ico file that has a 256X256x32 bit icon. The icon is bigger than the .shy and I couldn’t be happier because Shoes can do it now.

In order to test that I had to create some large icons and since the walkabout release needed a new icon, I chose to do the hardest thing first: Create a new icon for Shoes. Federales was only a maintenance release – and we did maintain the hell out it and it’s pretty damn good. Anyway, it needed a new icon and there’s now a wiki post about how to do that. I also updated the Windows installer images which is something I’ve wanted to do for years but never got around too.

I’m very likely to change that Walkabout icon again. I’m not all that happy about the icon above. And then I’ll replace the splash screen animation with something less attention grabbing.

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