With a whimper. Shoes 3.3.0

It’s released. For better or worse. I think better. Look at the changelog

Walkabout – Shoes 3.3

The name reflects back to when Shoes creator why_the_lucky_stiff disappeared
from the internet. He went walkabout! We changed some icons and backgrounds
to reflect that whimsical theme.

Walkabout (3.3) will be less compatible with the unmaintained 3.1 and not really released yet 4.0 (jRuby), We have interesting ideas of we what we do with Shoes that maybe very difficult to implement in Shoes 4.

New with 3.3.0

  • Uses Gtk3 (not gtk2) for Linux and Windows. This will change visuals on both platorms.
  • add font and wrap styles for list_box. A popular request – we are limited to what Gtk3 can do, however. The default behaviour for long strings in the list box is now to
    ellipize … in the middle. THIS could effect your current apps.
    Issue 109 https://github.com/Shoes3/shoes3/issues/109
  • A new Svg widget to display svg images – similar to Image but
    NOT really the same. Has aspect scaling options based on the svg internals. See samples/good-svgview.rb. samples/good-flip.rb and the manual. We also include a svg deck of playing cards. It’s a bit fragile so please file bug reports and ask for feature requests.

    • Very verbose Issue 54 – https://github.com/Shoes3/shoes3/issues/54
    • Pay attention to the OSX workaround #178 https://github.com/Shoes3/shoes3/is
    • Preliminary save and export methods:
      Issue #177 https://github.com/Shoes3/shoes3/issues/177
  • add a refresh slot method
    Issue 152 https://github.com/Shoes3/shoes3/issues/152
  • Uses ruby 2.1.7 or 2.1.8 and rubygems 2.4.7+
    Issue 164 https://github.com/Shoes3/shoes3/issues/164
  • New splash screen (no animation).
  • Added samples/good-image-rotate.rb because it’s fun to watch.
    Issue 157 – https://github.com/Shoes3/shoes3/issues/157

Fixed with 3.3.0

  • OSX – do not use home brew to manage dependecies.
    wiki: https://github.com/Shoes3/shoes3/wiki/OSX-10.9-Dependencies15
    wiki: https://github.com/Shoes3/shoes3/wiki/OSX-10.6-Dependencies
  • Remove pango-querymodules from OSX. Yay!
    Issue 156 – https://github.com/Shoes3/shoes3/issues/156
  • Uninstall Shoes menu item for Linux (for some window managers)
    Issue 31 – https://github.com/Shoes3/shoes3/issues/31
  • repaint after slot remove
    Issue 151 – https://github.com/Shoes3/shoes3/issues/151
  • Windows: 256×256 icons failed when packaging.
    Issue 10 – https://github.com/Shoes3/shoes3/issues/10
  • developer name and RVM and linker info gets embedded in
    binary libraries. No solution worth the effort.
    Issue 66 – https://github.com/Shoes3/shoes3/issues/66
  • Windows: fontconfig problems if you build shoes and download shoes
    Issue 141 – https://github.com/Shoes3/shoes3/issues/141

Yes, we have been busy beavers. Next up is Shoes 3.3.1. It will be Amazing Too! You’ll get tired of how awesome Shoe 3.3 will be. Shoes will be great Again!

1 thought on “With a whimper. Shoes 3.3.0

  1. BackOrder

    Thank you for the incredible efforts that you and passenger94 did on this brand new release. This new release marks a new era for Shoes 3 that goes beyond its own legacy but without getting into what Shoes 4 is about. Well done!


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