Shoes 3.3.2: a pre-beta

I’ve uploaded the Shoes 3.3.2 binaries.

What’s new – damn near nothing. A font loading fix on Windows. If you happen to be a command line commando however, you might see some things that matter: A new Shoes.terminal to replace that brain dead Shoes.console. Many man hours (lot of many) were put into that creature. Which caused a long overdue rewrite of OSX terminal launch scripts. If you are an OSX command line person you’ll say “Thank you, Jesus!” But my name is Cecil and I have a lot of work to before 3.3.2 gets beyond this early beta. We also added a Fun but rudimentary profiler (caution: may not work on Windows).

With the new terminal code, you can run test/unit tests of your non-gui code without the command line if your willing to do some Shoes/Ruby level of work. I call it pre-beta because it is not complete enough to be a beta. If you’re using Shoes from the OSX command line – you want this not completely baked version of Shoes – you really do. It also fixes the multiple script open bug on OSX.

For OSX, it is not perfect but it is So Much better. You just get to the Cobbler (Maintain Shoes or -c) and create the cshoes script. If you’re driving Shoes from a textmate or applescript, you’ll need to update it to use cshoes instead of open’

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