The New AI

I’m old enough to have experienced the AI dreams of the 1990’s – Lisp machines and Prolog and Neural Nets. I also remember
Hype cycle.
The curve is also valid for politics and social/cultural changes and even investing. I digress.

So, that said, my old AI crashed and burned to be resurrected as “deep learning” which appears to be on the slope of enlightenment section. Google amd Amazon and others used it to predict what you want next. What role could Shoes and Ruby add? Consider this presentation of tensor flow:

What role for Shoes? Easy dialogs and quick charts, perhaps?

1 thought on “The New AI

  1. dredknight

    Oaah!!! I did miss this update somehow. A few months ago I ditched into python and machine learning.
    It will be great if such stuff can be done in Shoes :)!


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