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Shoes 3.3.7 is Released

Finally. Yes it has been a long time. This was not a bunch of bug fixes although there are some of those. The previous post discussed what’s in 3.3.7 but I’ll include the Changelog here just in case you don’t want to read that post. We did add some thing since that post, mostly for shoes maintainers, hint -> see the Vagrant notes.

Download from here.

New with 3.3.7

Fixed with 3.3.7

  • Major fixes to radio buttons. Possible backwards compatibilty issues.
  • Fewer complaints (none?) from Gkt 3.20+ systems
  • OSX: fullscreen incomplete
  • = now works as documented.
    May Break Existing Scripts
  • command line –ruby working again
  • OSX: buttons can be created that use non default height.
  • Finally fixed the pristine gems error for OSX.

Developer Issues with 3.3.7

  • Vagrant boxes are available for ease of building
  • make/**/env.rb – link against distributed libyaml
  • Added lib/package/* for merge packaging.
  • Using nsis 3.03 for Windows installer. Maintained and faster!
    with unicode and large string enabled. Potential to break
    user written installers.
  • Better cross build rakefiles: xrpi, xwin7 and xmsys2 targets.
  • Includes plugin for MXE to build all Windows dependencies
    new target ‘mxe’ is the preferred target for Windows
    method of cross compiling for Windows.

Known Bugs