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Orange Mad Bad

That title is a meme. What’s a meme? A dumb idea or something important? Something like that. I use it like a joke on people who believe that. The long name for my Rube Goldberg cyber machine is Trumpy Bear Burglar Amusement Device. It’s purpose is too confuse a burglar or make them think ‘this place is nuts, I’m not touching anything’. Mostly its just fun to work on.

This post will have a crappy demo movie and a bunch of poor pictures showing the components with a few words about them.

Trumpy Bear seated on his book case. He’s an above average genius. The lamp is part of Trumpy Bear. It gets turned on and off depending on what he’s doing.

This is the Official Trumpy Bear. You can see the certificate on the right. Wrapped in the flag, of course. The box next to his feet is a Bluetooth speaker. Note the clip on microphone on his tie. All the political types love microphones. Trumpy Bear does speak and he does listen and sometimes he does what you ask.

Under the small shelf is a Raspberry Pi 4/4GB with SSD and a fully used 7 port USB hub and a power strip. We do need the speed of a Pi 4. It uses a Wifi connection.

I call this part ‘The Ranger’ The two circles on the bottom belong to an ultrasonic sensor for measuring distance (to the person standing in front). The LCD screen displays informational messages. The eyes on the top are a Camera with auto IR sensing (sees in the dark if needed) Inside the box is and ESP32 micro-controller. It’s separate device from the the Pi.

This is touch screen monitor for the Pi 4. This was a late addition to the project but it really helps with debugging and it has some control function that will be discussed in another post. Shown here is the Pi 4 booting up.

Now we are getting to fun stuff. This is a test laser turret under construction. The little box in the back is yet another Raspberry Pi. A Pi 0w. The pi is wired to what I call the ‘Fire Control’ box. It’s really just a servo controller with a simple circuit to turn the laser on and off. You can see the laser diode in the “Turret”. This one doesn’t look like a Laser Turret but I have several designs. You can see the two servos for pan and tilt.

Here is second laser turret in the back corner of the family room. Yes, another Pi 0w. The laser is turned on in this photo. These are not dangerous lasers but don’t tell anyone. It’s the design I like best but the mismatch colors should tell you it’s not finished either.

This is the better design, IMO. Sadly, it’s difficult to print and assemble.

Yes, the TV and AV system is part of ‘the experience’ To play loud you need bigger speakers. Buried in the back is a old Raspberry Pi 2. It’s needed. You can’t see it but there is also my Hubitat Elevation home automation hub and 7 port ethernet switch and a UPS because there is a lot of money to protect there.

There’s another computing in use that you can’t see – a Nvidia Jetson Nano which runs some vision computations for Trumpy Bear. Yes, there are a lot of small computers and they do nothing until….

Everything is in a partial state of completion. For example, a few days later I printed a new, prettier box for the ‘Ranger’.

Teaser: Trumpy Bear

Yes, I bought one from a late night TV commercial. Because I think it’s funny and even funnier knowing that some won’t find the humor. It was the ‘statement’ part of something I wanted to build. It’s been under construction for months and will probably never end.

Forgive the picture quality. I don’t care enough to spend the time to do that correctly. More to follow – it’s a long story involving all kinds of fun technologies.