Hi! Welcome! My name is Cecil Coupe, cecil.coupe@gmail.com and ccoupe@cableone.net. Call me ‘Cecil’ or ‘Cece’ for short and “crusty cranky old fart” when I’m outside of hearing range. Shoes is a hobby or a passion for me. I’m retired so I can spend as much time on my hobby as I want. I’ll just say I’ve been around computers since 1970 when I was entering octal code from front panel switches to get the paper tape loader installed to load the octal program I wrote.

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  1. HappyShoesUser

    Hi , glad to see someone with passion working on shoes. Cool that you are retired 🙂 and working with it as a hobby, i respect that, for me retirement is still many years off. Wasn’t even born around that time ;), too me that would be too much, thinking about using an old panel switch, but hey it was the top back then :).

    I’m a happy shoes user, not really a programmer, just playing with animations and stuff, it’s really cool with shoes. Also the ruby language is much better to learn when struggling to get something simple to work.

    Good day! and have fun!


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