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Shoes 3.2a1 (Federales) for Windows. Proof of concept.


[Updated Jan 12, 2014 for Shoes3.2.a1]
Recognize it? It’s the Shoes simple-chipmunk sample. Wait! Is that running in Windows 7 with Cecil’s silly Federales icon instead of the regular Shoes icon? Yes it is. It’s also more much more than that.

I cross compiled that on Linux and created an installer (on Linux). I copied the shoes3.2.exe to Windows 7 and double clicked the installer, and I took the installer defaults because I know very little about Windows.  The Ruby inside is 1.9.3 . We never got policeman to use anything newer than 1.9.1 on Windows.  You can’t see it from the screen shot, but it is running on Gnome 3.6 libraries that are included with the installer.  [pause]  That’s right – it’s not using the problematic windows code in Shoes that no one was willing to maintain.  I didn’t update the Windows code, either.  Instead I used Gnome’s cross platform capabilities. The gnomes at Gnome.org did the hard work.

[Pause more while the implications bubble up]

Yes, any developer  with a properly set up Linux or OSX box could produce that Shoes for Windows installer and never have to use cmd.exe or MSYS or RubyInstaller to build any part of it.

Gnome claims to have a OSX Quartz (not X11) layer. [Pause]  So, in theory no one has to  learn Objective-C to maintain Red Shoes for OSX because the Gnomes did it. So the windows and cocoa code could be deleted from Shoes? That’s the theory and it just might work if an OSX developer or two try it.

Pretty heady stuff, eh?

[Reality Break]

It’s Gtk3 and I haven’t fixed the Shoes bugs with that. On the plus side, those known bugs fail the same way on Windows.  See my previous post. As I write this post, the Shoes3.2/Windows  complains (and dies) for lack of GSetting’s for dialogs. Like the splash screen “open an app” and simple-dialogs/color.  But the manual and console works and you can run the samples from the manual (and get the known errors). I’ll bet it hangs or croaks if you attempt to download something from the net.

I’m calling it Alpha-1 but it’s really just a proof of concept. You shouldn’t use it for developing Shoes scripts. It’s NO WHERE good enough to use.  Oh one more thing,  Clicking on packaging anything  just won’t work  – don’t bother downloading if you hope it will fix a current problem with Red Shoes.  It won’t fix anything.  Proof of Concept.  More known errors than Jesus had disciples.

But, some folks will  try it. Let me know if it installs and kind of works like I described. You could clone or fork the source but If I were you, I’d wait – because it’s not ready.


Shoes 3.2 Alpha 1

I’ve been busy upgrading Shoes 3 (aka Policeman)  to be a maintenance release that works better for Linux users. I have lofty goals and I also know reality can cut the knees out of lofty. Still, for those Linux users willing to take a few minutes, they might enjoy helping me test this release and sending a bug report to ccoupe@cableone.net or to the Shoes Mailing list  .  I’m calling this release ‘Federales’ because its a Policeman maintenance release, but different enough that I want a new name.

Alpha release means that I know what doesn’t work. I need to tell you what doesn’t work: There is nothing new for Windows or OSX users. Sorry. . There are graphics/clipping bugs – minor until you try samples/simple-accordian.rb or samples/simple-menu.rb. I already know about them, so no need to report that. If you use Link and Linkhover as a variation of ‘para’, they won’t work until you change them to Shoes::Link and Shoes::Linkhover. Some constants like PI have to be Shoes::PI.  Sorry.  I plan to fix the Gtk bugs. Link and Linkhover. Probably not anytime soon.

Enough with the Negative Nancy downers dude, what does Federales (a1) do for Linux users?

  1. It uses Gtk+-3.0 which is kind of like ah, modern. Less apt-gets and yums to get it working. None, I hope.
  2. Very good  chance the binary releases will work for your Linux. Your feedback is requested.
  3. You can use  gems that Shoes doesn’t  include.  It’s  not obvious yet because I’m too busy to write the release notes on how to do that,  but see the cache.rb file and then ‘touch getoutofjail.card’ in the proper directory. That directory is likely to change soon.
  4. Did I mention there is a Raspberry pi binary download?  And it works. (for me). Please report your experience with it.

Installing Shoes Federales-a1 is simple. Download from the links below and save it wherever your browser will let you in your home directory. Open a terminal and cd there.  Then do ‘tar zxf <the-downloaded-file>. It should create a directory starting with ‘shoes3.2a1’ plus your choice of architecture. For example, on my suse VM, Firefox just puts it in Downloads without my options. OK.

ccoupe@linux-n295:~> cd Downloads/
ccoupe@linux-n295:~/Downloads> ls
ccoupe@linux-n295:~/Downloads> tar -zxf shoes3.2a1-x86_64-linux.tar.gz
ccoupe@linux-n295:~/Downloads> ./shoes3.2a1-x86_64-linux/shoes ./shoes3.2a1-x86_64-linux/samples/simple-chipmunk.rb

If I were you, I’d move/rename the directory to be something less awful. Shoes doesn’t care. I happen to like the chipmunk demo, If you don’t specify a file name to load, you’ll get the normal Shoes splash screen animation. Try it. Try some of the other samples. (some will fail). Delete it when you’ve seem enough.

So, where do I get this Shoes 3.2 Federales Alpha 1 Release for my Linux so that I can tell you what I really think?

Please leave a comment here, send an email to the -Shoes Mailing list or email me directly.